Workshops and events

I regularly run communications workshops and speaks at communications events across the Brussels bubble and beyond. Working together with my workshop participants we use open discussion and exercises to explore how our communication can be improved, discuss best practices and how to put it all into action in our daily work.

I have recently run a workshop on the use of poetry in speechwriting at the 2023 European Speechwriters Network Conference. In October 2022 I ran a two-day workshop with the European Consumer Center Network on how to build good communication through narrative, framing and language. Over the summer of 2022 I organised a series of communications workshops for speakers at the 2022 European Week of Regions and Cities to improve their communication and presentation skills. I have also run a workshop on creativity and climate communication at the 2022 Writers Festival of Belgium.

I’m a regular speaker at discussions like the European Commission’s 2022 Clear Writing For Europe Conference and at internal networking events like Tom Moylan’s 101 Speechwriting Session.


What people are saying about Ben’s workshops

Want to hear more about my workshops?


Here’s what a fellow speechwriter said about my workshop at the 2023 European Speechwriters Network Conference:


Here’s what colleagues organising the 2022 European Week of Regions and Cities said about my communication workshop:

“We contacted Ben to deliver a storytelling training to the session organisers of EURegionsWeek. The main challenge was to address an audience with sometimes very little knowledge on the topic and give them the tools to become storytellers. It has been a great course, well presented with clear objectives and instructions. It gave enough space to practice and learn at a comfortable speed. We believe all participants walked away from this with an in-depth understanding of how to apply the learnings. Also thanks for the post-course takeaways sent as follow-up. I wish to recommend Ben for listening the organisers and adapting each session to the needs of his audience. Such a good teacher who anticipates the questions and provide the answers. Engaging and interactive!”

Here’s what participants who attended my communications workshop for the European Consumer Centre Network had to say:

“Ben’s workshop on how to create good communication was fantastic. Not only was it well-prepared and full of useful information, but above all it was fun. Ben loves what he is doing, and you can feel that straight away.”

“He encouraged me to be a better communication officer, to create better and interesting content. I really enjoyed time spent with him and my colleagues, it was a great exchange of experiences.”

“Ben is an engaging, inspiring speaker. He has a natural talent in language, as well as coaching in written communication.”

“Ben did an excellent job of teaching us to focus on the important aspects of content creation. He is eloquent, insightful and patient. When we tried out the theories and formulas he presented, he shared a repertoire of examples and exercises that were well prepared and entertaining.”

“Excellent presentation with clear and understandable examples. Best presentation so far at the European Consumer Center Network for 2022.”

“Clear, informative, motivational – Ben was perfectly well prepared. Everything he said in the workshop made sense and I learnt a lot and cannot wait to put it into practice in my work. Looking forward to another workshop with him!”

“I was genuinely impressed by his capabilities.”

“He was very friendly and was contagious and pleasant in the way he presents.”